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VGA Scanline Generator with Extension Cable.

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-This is a general purpose scan line video effect generator for VGA connection.
-It allows you to get better view for low resolution graphics displayed on a modern big screen high resolution LCD monitor or TV.
-The scan lines added to the game screen are done by hardware. Any game that needs to add a scan line can be done by linking the device.
-Self-powered device and does not require an external power supply.
-It supports most classic nostalgic games. With this scan line generator, you will have better experience in your game.

Important Note: Compatibility issues exist with some original CRT monitors.


A. ONOFF-You can easily open or close the scan line,
without removing the board.
B. The intensity of the scanning line can be fine-tuned
by three adjustable resistors on the scanner.
C. The width of the scanning line can be adjusted to
single-line width or double-line width by switch.
D. You can flip the horizontal signal to use a different
resolution scan line. 64048060Hz or 102476860Hz.
E. ODDEVEN can switch the scan line go up one line,
or down one line.
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