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Tomee Universal Power Handheld Console Cable

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Tomee Universal Power Handheld Console Cable

The Tomee Universal Power Cable lets you power up your New Nintendo 2DS® XL/ New Nintendo 3DS ®/ New Nintendo 3DS® XL/ Nintendo 2DS®/ Nintendo 3DS® XL/ Nintendo 3DS®/ Nintendo DSi® XL/ Nintendo DSi®/ Nintendo DS® Lite/ Nintendo DS®/ Game Boy Advance ® SP/ PSP® Models (1000, 2000, and 3000) through any USB port, one system at a time. Stop lugging around all those cables when you only need one. *Charges only one system at a time.


  • Transfers power from any USB slot to your system
  • With this one cable you can charge many of your handheld gaming consoles, freeing you up form having to have multiple cables.
  • 6 feet long cable
  • 4 different outputs

  • Compatibility:

    -New Nintendo 2DS XL

    -New Nintendo 3DS

    -New Nintendo 3DS XL

    -Nintendo 2DS

    -Nintendo 3DS XL

    -Nintendo 3DS

    -Nintendo DSi XL

    -Nintendo DSi

    -Nintendo DS Lite

    -Nintendo DS

    -Game Boy Advance SP

    -PSP Models (1000, 2000, and 3000)

    Package Includes:

    -1x Multi ended charging cable

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