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PS4 Wireless Bluetooth v4.0 USB Dongle

  • $15.99

 ***WARNING NOT compatible with the PS4 Gold or Platinum Headsets. PS4 Gold/Platinum Headsets DO NOT support Bluetooth communication and require a replacement dongle to be purchased directly from Sony***



  • The Bluetooth Dongle has been upgraded to the latest version with stable performance.

  • Bluetooth Dongle is a USB adapter that will connect to ANY Bluetooth audio device when you plug into your PS4 USB slot.

  • You can use your existing Bluetooth headset without having to buy a new expensive pair that work with the PS4.

  • There is also a wireless microphone that will enable you to chat when you plug into the PS4 controller.

  • Bluetooth Version:4.0+EDR.

  • Frequency Band:2.4G ISM.


Compatible with:

  • ANY Bluetooth Headsets.

  • Sony PS4.


Package Includes:

  • Adapter.

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  • Will it. Work with blue tooth Razer wireless headset

    This Bluetooth Adapter supports all Bluetooth headsets that are designed to work with Bluetooth 4.0 or lower. You will want to watch out for some of the latest headsets that require Bluetooth 5.0 as they are not compatible unless they specifically list support for Bluetooth 4.0 or lower.

  • I have a Turtle Beach Stealth 400. I was wanting to use the transmitter to make the headset completely wireless. I am able to pair with a button on my headset. Was wondering if this is compatible with my headphones

    -The Turtle Beach Stealth 400 headset(as well as various other models) use an RF receiver to communicate wirelessly. Unfortunately RF is not compatible with Bluetooth and will not work with a Bluetooth adapter.