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PS4 Xbox One and 360 Maxrace F1 V6 Racing Wheel Adapter

  • $148.00

Description: - Support speed / gear shift indicator - Adjustable steering wheel angle (180 to 900 degrees) - True force feedback on PS 4 platform - Under PS4 platform supports professional mode (Expert Mode), other version of Logitech steering wheels can be used on this mode to substitute G29 - Supports different road conditions, speed humps and various collision and vibration effects - Enables turbo function on Xbox One™/PS4™ wired controllers (connect with charge cable) and Xbox 360™/ PS 3™ wired controllers on - MaxRace F-1 v.6 converter. - Excellent sensitivity and accuracy. - Compatible with logitechTM racing wheel (G29 / G27 / GT / GT pro / *G920 and MOMO) - Compatible with various consoles (PS4 / XBOX ONE / XBOX 360) - Supports G29,G27,G25 clutch function. - Supports manual gear shift: H gear shift /+ and - gear shift - Supports automatic transmission gear shift. - Plug and play. (Not needed to connect to computer ) * G920 hasn't got the vibration function yet, will have new firmware update later.