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Cronus Strkepack Horizon for the Xbox Series / Xbox One

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Cronus Strikepack Horizon for the Xbox Series / Xbox One
Gamers, brace yourselves for the ultimate gameplay evolution! The new STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ is our first-ever universal, app-empowered, four-paddle controller adapter, designed specifically for your original Xbox Series X'S® (1914) and Xbox One® (1537, 1697, 1708) controllers. This isn't just another controller, but a whole new gaming experience meticulously crafted to cater to your individual style.

Key Features:
4 customizable paddles.
Endless Macros On Demand (M.O.D.) combinations with exclusive GAMEPACKS.
Powered by a dedicated Apple/Android smartphone app.
Reliable USB wired connection.

-Dual Mode Feature:
Our STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ features DUAL MODES to amplify your gaming experience. In the standard Tournament Mode, experience effortless mapping from controller buttons to your four-paddle setup. Our innovative GAMEPACK mode lets you dive into Macros On Demand (M.O.D.s), with custom GAMEPACKS to align with your favorite gaming genres.

-Unleashing Gamepakcs:
Unlock your full potential with our expansive array of dedicated GAMEPACKS. Whether you're a hardcore FPS player or a fighting game enthusiast, our intuitive interface ensures navigating through each GAMEPACK with STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ is a walk in the park. Available M.O.D.s include Anti-Recoil, Quick Scope, Auto Run, Drop Shot, Optimized Rapid Fire, Pulse Fire, Burst Fire, Auto Hold Breath, Turbo Melee, Double Jump, Auto Spot, and Hair Triggers.

-Apple and Android App Powered Customimzation:
Elevate your STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ experience with our specialized STRIKEPACK CENTRAL smartphone app. Now, customizing and controlling your STRIKEPACK settings is as easy as a swipe on your smartphone screen. With nine setting profiles per GAMEPACK and zero space limitations, you're in complete control. You can find the app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

-Four Hyper Response Paddles:
The STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ includes a state-of-the-art paddle mapping system that provides direct mapping of all 17 controller functions to any of the four STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ Hyper Response Paddles. Our efforts were focused on making high quality responsive switches to ensure lightning quick response times, propelling your gaming skills to unimaginable heights.

-High Performance Grip:
Paddle height and placement has been rigorously tested and optimized ensuring reduced hand strain with maximized comfort. The paddles also feature a laser etched surface, providing additional grip and enhanced feel.

-RGB Indication System:
A full RGB LED lighting system provides additional indication in addition to what is displayed on the STRIKEPACK™ CENTRAL smartphone app.

Xbox Series X'S® 1914 controllers
Xbox One® 1537, 1697, and 1708 controllers

Using the USB cable, connect the STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ to a computer/laptop, then update the firmware using the new Collective Minds Web Update Tool.
Once updated, unplug the from the STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ from your computer and attach it to your supported Xbox controller.
Plug the attached STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ to your Xbox console (must be already powered on), then wait for your controller's LED to light up.
Start the STRIKEPACK™ CENTRAL smartphone app.
The app will automatically detect the STRIKEPACK HORIZON™ device serial, and it will ask if you wish to connect to this device. Choose yes.
Everything from this point is self explanatory in the app, so, have fun!

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