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Brook XB Fighting Board for Xbox 360/Original

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Brook XB Fighting Board for Xbox 360/Original

The XB FIGHTING BOARD is the first Brook fighting board equipped with Brook ACT (Arcade Configuration Tool) button configuration software. It supports all arcade fighting sticks models and all-button arcade controller on the market. Up to 4 configurations for each console. Switch configuration anytime for different consoles, games, and environments. The best weapon for all your fights!

·       Support  xbox 360, Xbox Original.

·       Support all full-size arcade fighting sticks and all-button arcade controller upgrades.

·       The first fighting board that supports Brook ACT (Arcade Configuration Tool) software.

·       Built-in SOCD cleaner specifically designed for all-button arcade fighting sticks which meets the eSport regulations, let all-button arcade controller join every single fight with you!

·       Button lock feature to avoid false triggers during the tournament.

·       Support 5 speeds 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 hit/sec in turbo mode. Different turbo speeds for different situations.

·       Support 3 types of USB standard ports to match your USB cable for optimal connection. Perfect embodiment for your ideal arcade fighting stick.

·       Save up to 12 customized configurations. Customized settings for every gaming console!

·       Equipped with embedded stud type terminal block for easy assemble. Compatible with the iconic "Fighting board cable" or "Hitbox cable" (NOT included) designed by Brook for fighting games. Customizing your dream arcade fighting stick is just a breeze!

·       Plug and play. Automatically detect consoles (except Xbox Original). Also compatible with PC/Mac.

·       Updatable firmware via USB. No need to worry about future support or compatibility.

-Each console can save up to 3 configurations. 
-Auto-detection does not support the Xbox Original, manual switch will be required.
-It also comes with an exclusive software for cong settings. For more information, please visit the product website.
-For detailed setting guide, please refer to manual.

Package Includes:
1 x Brook XB Fighting Board

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do I need anything else to use two of these with an Xbox one?!

    The Brook XB Fighting Board is simply the control board allowing for full control and reconfiguration of your existing fight stick. It does not come with the actual fight stick, any cables needed for attaching it to the fight stick or the USB cable to attach the device to the console.