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BESAVIOR U5 Plug & Play Adapter for PS5 Game Console

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BESAVIOR U5 Plug & Play Adapter for PS5 Game Console
Using a mouse and keyboard with Cronus Zen can take your gaming to the next level. But setting it up might be a bit tricky. Once your mouse and keyboard are plugged into Cronus Zen, they function as a game controller, not as regular PC devices. The catch? You still need a normal mouse and keyboard to adjust the M&K Settings in the Zen Studio software.
That's where our custom MK Switch comes in. It lets your single mouse and keyboard serve two roles: setting up the Cronus Zen and acting as a game controller. Plus, you can switch between these roles in real-time with just a press of a button. This means you can fine-tune your setup without needing separate devices. Simple and convenient!


  • One Button Switch, switching between your Cronus Zen and your PC is a snap. One button press and you're in control of either device.
  • Easy Setup, just plug your mouse and keyboard into the input USB ports and then connect the two provided USB cables from the output USB ports - one to your PC and one to the Cronus Zen. No extra drivers, no fuss. It's plug and play!
  • Expanded Keyboard Support, keyboards like some Logitech models come with an extra USB cable for expanded functionality. Our MK Switch is designed to accommodate this, with two additional input USB ports. For optimal performance in these cases, we recommend using the AUX power.
  • LED Smart Indicator, bright blue LED highlights which device role is active, Zen (Controller Mode), or PC (Mouse & Keyboard mode).
  • AUX USB 5v Power, some mice or keyboards may need more power than others. If that's the case, you can use a micro-USB cable with a 5v power supply (not included with the MK switch, but you can use the micro-USB cable included with a Cronus Zen).
  • Premium Aluminum Shell, the MK Switch is housed in a robust aluminum shell that resists scratches and dissipates heat efficiently, keeping your hardware in great shape.
  • USB Cables Included, comes complete with 2 x 5ft Male A to A USB 2.0 cables.


  • Programing Operating System Compatibility: Windows 11/10 and Mac OS X.
  • Playstation 5 Console

Package Includes:

  • Mouse & Keyboard USB Switch  
  • 2 x 5ft USB A to A Cables

Please confirm this item is the correct model for for your device before placing your order. Most repair parts are only suitable for a specific model.
This item does not contain a Manual, Instruction Guide 

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No updates this dont work they just made a new product waste of money