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Mayflash MAGIC-S PRO Wireless Controller Adapter for the Switch/PS4/PS3/PC/NeoGe

  • $34.99

MAGIC-S Pro Wireless Controller Adapter for the Switch, PS3, PS4, PC, NeoGeo Mini and PS Classic.

This adapter supports connection many Bluetooth controllers between many different consoles. Simply pair your Bluetooth controller and use it on many different systems.


  • Built in with a colored LED to quickly tell which console the adapter is set to.

  • Bluetooth controllers such as the Xbox Bluetooth Controller, Dualshock 3, Dualshock 4, Dualshock 4 Pro, Wiimote, Wii U Pro, Switch Joy-Cons, Switch Pro.

  • Works with any wired USB controllers.

  • Dualshock 4 and controllers support vibration and the 6-axis motion on Switch.

  • Vibration intensity can be adjusted.

  • A, B, X, Y buttons can be reconfigured.

  • High speed and lag free.


  • Nintendo Switch.

  • Playstation 3 and 4.

  • Windows.

  • NeoGeo Mini.

  • PS Classic.


Not all controllers in the XboxOne line support Bluetooth and Bluetooth is required for wireless play. Please verify whether your controller support Bluetooth communication for use with this adapter.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Magic-S Pro Adapter.

  • 1x USB Type C cable.

  • 1x Buttons Sticker.

  • 1x Manual

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