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Charging Station and Dock for the new Nintendo 2DS XL

  • $5.99

Warning :   This is for the NEW 2DS XL only  (NIntendo named NEW 2DS XL)
Please check the model of your console before you place the order


- Designed for NEW Nintendo 2DS XL. Awesome way to display,charge and store your New Nintendo 2DS XL
- Classic and compact design. It has rubberized underside so it is not easy to slide around.
- Quickly and efficiently charges your NEW Nintendo 2DS XL.It is very handy to drop your New 2DS XL in when it needs to be charged.
- Works as a convenient dock as well for keeping your New Nintendo 2DS XL steady and safe when not in use.


- Saves you from having cables around the house or hunting for the cable
- Easily drop your New 2DS XL into the cradle for all day/night charging
- Makes charging your NEW 2DS XL simply and keeps the system charg