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M4 Gaming Adapter

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The M4C onverter allows you to use all previous generations of game controller on your PS4 and Xbox One. Several third party controllers are also compatiblelike Logitech G27, Force GT and the G-Mate Mag Gun II.

- M4 perfectly supports the conversion of all PS4, PS3, XboxOne, Xbox360 controllers. With this adapter you can now use any of your controllers, across these platform.
- Perfect for New Consoles [No Jailbreak is needed. Just plug-in your controller of your old console to the new one.]
- You can update the firmware to keep the device working with the latest changes [Put the M4 into your computer USB port and simply press a button to update with your firmware updater.]

The installation is very easy. Please refer to the video tutorial
Demonstration of Using Logitech G27 on the Sony Playstation 4 with M4

1. You need a wired PS4 controller, any wired PS4 controller will do. We recommend you to use Hori Pad 4 controller.
2. G27 is designed to be set on the PS3 GT5, GT6, and computer-based racing game, the clutch function can be used effectively in the configuration above!
- With the Xbox360, Xbox One, PS4 and other consoles, the clutch function are not setup to be used in their racing games as well as not being able to be used with this product.
3. Does it require any other accessory to make M4 work on Xbox One?
- No. All you need is to follow the installation instructions. Remove the batteries from your XboxOne controller, and then connect it to M4 using a USB cable.

Package includes:
1 x M4 converter