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PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 PC Mag 2 Wireless Magneton Induction Gun and Controller

  • $99.99

G-Mate Mag II Gun, the world's first magneton induction gun controller that let you extend your natural body motion directly into ALL shooting games. A breathtaking new way to play when you can intuitively reach out and interact with the virtual war in complete three dimensions, as you would in real battlefield. Enjoy immersive and realistic FPS gameplay that will enhance your experience with more realistic, fast and accurate gameplay. Designed and built with both casual and serious FPS gaming in mind, the MAG II is the only gun controller to incorporate Motion Sensing and Gyroscopic Induction movement tracking. Added to this intuitive experience is a range of gameplay enhancing functions, all packed into a lightweight, ergonomic design.

- Supports PS4/PS3/xBox/PC with the Full Functionality of Official Controllers
- Real Time, in Game, "On the Fly Calibration"
- High Precision Motion Tracking Gyroscope, eliminating the need for a Sensor Bar.
- Wireless Connection and Built in Vibration
- Updateable System Firmware and Mods
- Can be used with all shooting games, multi-platform compatible
- High precision motion sensing technology
- 2.4GHz wireless connection, long distance remote control and no delay
- Powerful vibration feels like a real weapon
- Compatible with PS3 PC
- For PC User, it is only compatible with platform version up to Windows 8.0

Sensitivity/Function know functionality Functionalities of the sensitivity/function knob can be divided into five catgeories:
- Category 1, Upgrade - Mag II Gun can be upgraded when it's at the upgrade setting.
- Category 2, Top Level - Mag II Gun can shoot with vibration and can be used as a toy gun.
- Category 3, Light Gun - Mag II Gun can be used as a light gun to play light gun games like House of the Dead, Time Crisis etc.
- Category 4, BRE are sensitivity settings for FPS/TPS games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield and Halo etc. The B setting is suitable for new players, the R setting is for regular players, and the E setting is suitable for experienced gamers. The higher sensitivity, the more skillful the gamer is required to be.
- Category 5, Split Screen - Mag II Gun can horizontally split screen and turbo fire. The turbo fire performs auto rapid fire in games to increase the fire power, equal to repeatedly pressing the Rt/L1 button of a normal controller or the left mouse button of a keyboard.
Turbo level - Mag II Gun can perform turbo fire like B1 button, which is equal to repeatedly pressing the Rt/L1 button of a normal controller or the left mouse button of a keyboard.
Auto Lock - Mag II Gun can perform turbo fire like alternately press B1 and T1 buttons. Mag II Gun can automatically lock the target in games with assistant aiming features. This function is helpful when playing in Scenario Mode and Zombie Mode.
Faster Melee - Mag II Gun can perform melee like Rs button and will be two times faster than normal melee.
Silent Shot - Silent weapon fire without the need of a silencer. This function only works with single shot weapons. The target cannot hear the gun shot, so that cannot judge the direction of the bullet. This feature enables the player to have good cover while maintaining firepower, increasing pleasure and realism of the game. Use this setting while walking or stopped. If used while running, the first shot will be delayed.
Super Level - This setting empowers players fast melee, akimbo turbo and lay possum functions. Under this setting, the player can fall flat and play possum. When lying down, move the joystick, the player can crawl forward, while pressing down the joystick will directly change to running. Play possum can be cancelled by crouching, standing up or running. Reload or change weapons may be affected under play possum mode. If exiting "play possum" mode abnormally, the player may encounter continuous weapon change. If this occurs, use the jump to exit this mode.