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High Quality Button Set Replacement for the Sony PSP 3000

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Button Set for the Sony Playstation Portable 3000

Upgrade or replace your damaged buttons on your Sony Playstation Portable 3000 stylish button set! With various colors to choose from you can get the personalization and function you are looking for.


  • Contains the ABXY, D-Pad and control buttons.
  • No Soldering Required. Tools needed for disassembly are not included.
  • No conductive rubber pads are included, just the plastic buttons.


  • Sony Playstation Portable 3000

Package Includes:

  • Plastic Option Buttons
  • Plastic D-Pad
  • Plastic ABXY Button
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Does this include the rubber membrane?

    No, this kit only comes with the plastic buttons. No additional parts at included.