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Trio Linker Plus II

  • $25.99

Caution!  This adapter is not fully compatible with all PS3 games. (see below) 

Trio Linker Plus II is an adapter allows you to use PS2, GameCube and Dreamcast controller on PC Windows or PS3 console. 
- Supports PS2, GC and DC controllers on PC simultaneously. 
- Compatible with official PS2, GC, DC controllers and a majority of third-party controllers. 
- Supports Joy2key, Key Mapping and force feedback function. (Only workable with driver installed) 
- Supports Plug and Play. 
- Also supports PS2, GC and DC controllers on PS3 console. 
- Support Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ ME/ 98 

PS3 games are supported, but PS3 firmware must be updated. 
Some PS3 games will only recognize officially-licensed Sony PS3 controllers. Any other third-party controllers or adapters will not work on those games. 
Because GC / DC joypads have fewer buttons then PS2 joypads, some buttons on PS2/PS3 joypads are not supported. 

Cable Length: approximate 165cm