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Trio Linker Plus II

  • $25.99

Trio Linker Plus II is an adapter allows you to use PS2, GameCube and Dreamcast controller on PC Windows or PS3 console.


  • Supports PS2, GC and DC controllers on PC simultaneously.

  • Supports Joy2key, Key Mapping and force feedback function. (Only workable with driver installed).

  • PS3 games are supported, but PS3 firmware must be updated.

  • This adapter is not fully compatible with all PS3 games.


Compatible with:

  • Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98.

  • Also supports PS2, GC and DC controllers on PS3 console.

  • Some PS3 games will only recognize officially-licensed Sony PS3 controllers. Any other third-party controllers or adapters will not work on those games.

  • Because GC / DC joypads have fewer buttons then PS2 joypads, some buttons on the PS2  joypads are not supported.


Package Includes:

  •  Controller Adapter with 165 cm cable length.

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